Past Players Association (PPA)

Past Players Association (PPA)

The Maccabi AJAX Cricket Club Past Players Association (PPA) was formed in 2003, and aims to provide opportunities for past cricketers to retain their involvement with the club, forging sustainable relationships and having a positive influence on the club as a whole.

The PPA not only enables past players and supporters to financially assist our club, but it also provides that important link back to the club, and your friends and former team mates of yesteryear.

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Please contact the Committee if you have any suggestions regarding the PPA or want to get more involved.


PPA Online Registration:


There is no better time to support the players and the club with the Past Players Association membership. Contributions between $100 – $500 are accepted with all members receiving the same benefits. All money goes towards the running of the club. This has never been more vital and appreciated than in the current environment

Membership Benefits

All PPA members receive the following benefits:

  • The member’s name will be listed on the web site as a member of the PPA.
  • Regular emails with results and latest happenings from around the club.
  • Access to the Past Players Association family day and cricket match including free lunch.
  • Invitations to training and opportunity to participate as “net captain”
  • Invitations to selection night BBQs
  • Invitation to end of season Annual Presentation Night
  • Discounted merchandise including caps, jumpers and training tops
  • Drinks and snacks from the canteen during home games


Register online via the following linkPayment options include Credit Card, Paypal and EFT.

PPA Members


  • Allan Goldstein
  • Harry Newhouse
  • Joel Beebe
  • Jonathan Zimmet
  • Josh Gelfand
  • Leon Jacobs
  • Les Kausman
  • Morris Joel
  • Nathan Joel
  • Warren Soffer
  • Wayne Myers
  • Jeff Israel
  • Howard Machlin
  • Russell Jaffe
  • Sam Brygel
  • Leigh Rubinstein
  • Shawne Rubinstein
  • Mark Simon
  • Danny Lustig

Founding Members

The following people are recognised as the ‘Founding Members’ of the Past Players Association when it was established in 2003:

  • Warren Arbaitman
  • Roger Bell
  • John Brustman
  • Morry Brygel
  • Adam Burman
  • Phil Burman
  • Simon Feldman
  • David Freund
  • Lenny Gross
  • Ron Harris
  • Toby Harris
  • Adrian Janai
  • Morris Joel
  • Adrian Kagan
  • Ashley Kausman
  • Les Kausman
  • Howard Kotton
  • Steven Leigh
  • Gill Lobel
  • Danny Lustig
  • Richard Lustig
  • Howard Machlin
  • David Mandie
  • Anthony Marcs
  • Rick Marks
  • Jonathan Mond
  • Ray Montag
  • Gary Mrocki
  • Joel Rembach
  • Saul Rozenbes
  • Michael Same
  • Steve Sandor
  • Gideon Segal
  • Andrew Shostak
  • Mike Shulman
  • Joe Silver
  • Mark Simon
  • Stephen Singer
  • Herb Swedosh (dec.)
  • Alan Tinner
  • Michael Webb
  • Julien Wiener
  • Stan Woolf
  • Mike Zemski